Cooking Classes

My Lebanese cooking workshops give you the opportunity to discover a unique blend of oriental deep flavors and local Spanish influences. They come in two formats:

1- A cooking class followed by lunch or dinner, with wine tasting
2- A visit to the local market to buy our fresh ingredients, a cooking class followed by lunch, with wine tasting

Whenever people are interested in my cooking classes, they get all excited and typically ask to prepare Hummus, Tabbouleh, Fattush, Kebbeh or Baba ghannouj… It’s a bit strange for me, as if they have developed this kind of ‘nostalgia’ for Lebanese food they have tried elsewhere, in Paris, or London, or the States. I love this ability that our food has to create ‘comfort memories’, and my cooking classes are always blends of typical recipes with revisited (and sometimes) forgotten ones.
Lately, most of my cuisine contains some kind of Andalusian influence. Since moving to Seville, I have discovered many similarities in our Mediterranean diets, and it is exciting to add a slightly different flavor to my recipes! So if you’re looking for another, more deliciously surprising twist to traditional Seville, come to my classes!
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